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LIVE: Spring King - The Electric Circus, Edinburgh

Monday evening, a freezing cold Edinburgh, and the first night of tour for post-punk quartet Spring King.

Since Zane Lowe first played ‘Summer’ on Beats 1- broadcasting the track to over 100 countries at the same time – Spring King have received a significant amount of attention from new music aficionados everywhere. It comes as a bit of a surprise, then, that the venue is only half full tonight. Nevertheless, the crowd are excited to hear them play and gather close round the small stage.

Spring King have come a long way since driving their mum’s Honda to their own gigs back in 2013. Their debut album, Tell Me If You Like To, is a short but sweet explosion of post-punk sounds that has earned them the recognition they’ve been working towards for the past three years.

Tonight, though, the atmosphere is relatively low-key. Due to the lack of side door, the band have to make their way to the stage through the crowd, patting people on the shoulder as they walk past.

Even though the gig is pretty intimate, it only adds to the excitement. The room starts off a little static, but four songs in a (small) mosh pits gets going, mainly lead by a drunken scotsman-come-pogostick that gets everyone thrashing around. Pretty soon lead singer Tarek’s invitation-“feel free to loose your shit”- has been heartily accepted.

‘Detroit’, Spring King’s latest single, goes down especially well. The rattling drums and catchy guitar riffs that infuse their album are at their most powerful in this song and definitely work best in a live environment.

Their album may only have dropped this summer, but already the band have new material to test out on us. The tracks are a success, and though many are hearing them for the first time, it doesn’t take long before the crowd is singing along.  
Throughout the night there is the general feeling that this could be someone’s house party rather than a gig, but this kind of tone suits the band down to a tee. To see a relatively new group so relaxed, chatty, and comfortable on stage is much appreciated by tonight’s crowd – no doubt we will see Spring King continue to grow in the near future.  


Jess Porter