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(Credit: Studio Ghibli)


Live 'Spirited Away' theatre performance coming to Hulu


The iconic animation, and the jewel in Studio Ghibli’s crown, Spirited Away, has recently completed its short run on stage in Tokyo, with the live-action play now heading to the streaming service Hulu in summer 2022. 

Planning to livestream the adaptation on July 3th and July 4th, these two dates mark the final days of Spirited Away’s run in Japan at the Misonoza Theater in Nagoya. Despite having finished live performances in Tokyo, the play will continue with further dates across the country, in Osaka, Fukuoka, Sapporo and Nagoya.

Using a “double cast” system, which means the whole cast of actors will change from performance to performance, the lead role of Chihiro will be played by Kanna Hashimoto on July 3rd and Mone Kamishiraishi on the following day. 

Forcing attention from the American film industry, the 2001 movie Spirited Away was headed up by the now influential filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki and helped to establish Studio Ghibli as one of the most revered animation studios of all time. Winning the Best Animated Picture Oscar in 2003, Spirited Away remains the first and only international film to win the award to date. 

Without Spirited Away, the modern-day popularity of Studio Ghibli may have never blossomed in the same way, with the Japanese animation introducing new art styles to an animation medium that was stagnant with American influence. 

Take a look at the trailer for the iconic Japanese animation, below, with the likes of Daveigh Chase, Suzanne Pleshette and Jason Marsden voicing the English dub.