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Live Nation and Ticketmaster sued over deceptive ticket pricing


News coming from Canada has revealed that the Competition Bureau have begun legal action against Ticketmaster and parent company Live Nation for allegedly advertising ticket prices that are deceptive.

The bureau are arguing that the prices of tickets advertised are deceptive due to the controversial ‘mandatory fees’ that are added to purchases of tickets. The system, which has been labeled “drip pricing,” forces customers to pay more than the face value of tickets.

The bureau has unearthed information that claims to prove Ticketmaster’s mandatory fees can increase the advertised price of a ticket by more than 20%  and, in some cases, by more than 65%, according to exclaim.

“In July, we called on ticket vendors to review their marketing practices. Today, we are filing an application with the Tribunal to stop Ticketmaster from making deceptive claims to consumers,” commissioner of competition John Pecman said in a statement. “Together, these actions send a strong signal to online retailers: consumers must have confidence that advertised prices are the ones they will pay.”

Following the allegation, Ticketmaster shared the following statement:

“Ticketmaster remains committed to getting tickets into the hands of fans and has long practiced transparency to enable informed purchasing decisions. Ticketmaster continues to work closely with Provincial governments to enhance consumer protection and provide the best ticketing experience for fans.”