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LIVE: Fun Lovin' Criminals present 'Come Find Yourself' - Manchester Cathedral

Far Out headed back to the same intriguing Manchester venue where we caught this band of New York smooth talkers a couple of years back.

Not much has changed with them or indeed the Cathedral since then, but the milestone of a tour to celebrate 20 years since their iconic debut Come Find Yourself  was just too much of a mouthwatering prospect to pass up.

There’s no support this time around, however the night is split up into two sets, treating fans to the “100% FLC” experience, as the the band explain via their social media beforehand.

First off, we’re treated to Come Find Yourself from start to finish – the record that would probably be classed as containing FLC’s biggest hits. Despite muffled sound and some between-track wit from Huey Morgan that we’re unable to make out, an excitable crowd are very much on side.

Multi-instrumentalist Brian Leiser is typically animated throughout, bringing us his signature trumpet loop for a euphoric opener of ‘The Fun Lovin’ Criminal’, before stepping up to the mic and turning the church into a hip-hop frenzy during ‘Bear Hug’.

Having the first portion of the set so rigidly laid out puts Far Out in an inquisitive place as we ponder what will make it into the rest of FLC’s arsenal, but there’s plenty remaining to keep the crowd going.

A trio of signature anthems in the shape of ‘Loco’, ‘Korean Bodega’ and ‘Love Unlimited’ blow the roof off the historic venue with the call and response chorus of “Barry White, saved my life” always proving a particular highlight.

And despite the downright shocking sound quality, there’s just something about seeing this band within a house of God that is quite a wonderful juxtaposition.

You get an impression that Huey and co can smooth talk their way out of anything. The huge sing a long “supermodels on my D” that characterises closer ‘Big Night Out’ is a perfectly cheeky way to push the Pastor’s tolerance just one last time.

Patrick Davies