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LIVE: Fluffer Pit Party - Japandroids, Bad Breeding and Yowl


Walking into Fluffer’s temporary home of Epic in Dalston, London – I couldn’t help feeling that they had upped their game somewhat. Having been along to a few of these pit parties previously, the back alley warehouses are in stark contrast to the spectacular hall I stood in. Not putting back alleys down at all, i’m 100 per cent behind Fluffer’s concept, these nights heave energy and long may they continue.

On first view, the kit set up in the middle of the room could have been mistaken for a boxing ring – a splatter of people crowding around it trying to take in all the atmosphere and picking their angle to get the best view of the mayhem they were due to witness.

The first band up; Yowl definitely packed a punch, playing a fast, loud and frantic set. I understand where this band got their name – spitting and bawling in every direction they could. I’ve read about their comparisons with early Strokes but with a performance like that they wouldn’t have been out of place in mid 1975 supporting The Damned.

By the time their set came to a close the room was rammed, it seemed the crowd had been excited by a visit from members of Yowl throughout their set. They were keen for more – Bad Breeding arrived and fucked any existence of ear drums in the Dalston vicinity. If you haven’t seen Bad Breeding, and you say you like music – what’s the point? One of the best live acts you’ll ever see, and I mean that.

If at this point you were still standing and hadn’t been blown away – Japandroids were sure on hand to push you towards your drunken kebab with a performance, in my honest and humble opinion, failed to live up to the barnstorming performance of the two bands that preceded them.

With that in mind, here are some snaps to picture the evening.