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Julio Enriquez- Flickr


Live: Alex Cameron performance at Gorilla, Manchester

Over the past half-decade Alex Cameron, along with long-time friend and ‘business partner’ Roy Molloy, has made a stir on the music scene. His lyrics and persona, intentionally or not, represent a sleazy but well-groomed man that walks the line of chauvinistic and charismatic. Either way, judging by their Manchester gig on his most recent tour of new album Miami Memory, Cameron and his right hand man Molloy are gathering an enthusiastic young following.

On his new record, Cameron’s flair for narrative and character are on full display, although the charismatic front man seems to be moving away from the ‘character’ he’s created show maybe more of his true self.

Their live show was entertaining. As the band take took to the stage the crowd are ready for it and, with seconds of them being on stage, Roy Molloy’s name is being enthusiastically chanted by the crowd. The band roll straight into it with two songs from the new album, the instantly memorable ‘Bad for the Boys’ and ‘Divorce’. The new tracks seem to resonate with the audience who then greet old classic ‘Country Figs’ with vigour. Cameron commands the stage well and has moves that would give Jagger a run for his money.

An instant classic ‘Stranger’s Kiss’ from previous album Forced Witness, was a strong stand out song and was beautifully performed with a guitarist who had only been on the tour with the band for over a week, flying out from New York to join the group.

A special night for Cameron whose parents were at the show and an even more special night for Molloy who met an old friend, a bar stool from IKEA, he remembers from his last performance at Gorilla.