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Little Cub are warning you with ‘Hypnotise’

The newest signings to Domino Recording, Little Cub, have released a brilliant new video for their documenting track ‘Hypnotise’. The song itself is a stark look at the world around us, amid the almost daily protests, the mind-numbing entertainment and the dead-to-touch hell of social media. And the video only adds to this feeling.

The Kim Taylor directed video feels so incredibly current, even with its host of found footage, that we feel slightly scared. The paralells between the current climate and that of almost every nation and generation is frightening. The song does its best to wake its audience form the slumber.

Lead vocalist Dominic Gore said of the clip  “We’re big fans of the way Adam Curtis, Mark Leckey or Elizabeth Price work with found footage to convey complex issues simply. It gives their films a sense of timelessness (these aren’t new issues, Orwell was talking about this 70 years ago) and a tradition that we thought was important because it combats the lethargy to feel part of something bigger, to feel less helpless, to feel less alone. You don’t have to be a shining example to be angry about what’s happening in society right now. Feeling powerless and apathetic because your voice isn’t heard or because you’re told you’re complicit isn’t a reason to be quiet. It’s a very British thing to be uncomfortable with over-sincerity but this stuff is everywhere and everyone is talking about it, so to ignore it entirely and just write songs about how great life is feels not only idiotic but also unrealistic.”

The band’s debut album Still Life will be out on April 28th via Domino.