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Listen to the new release from (Sandy) Alex G, the beautiful 'Gretel'

(Sandy) Alex G returns to our hearts and ears with his latest cut ‘Gretel’ taken from the forthcoming album House of Sugar. It’s the artist’s first release since 2017’s Rocket and is our Track of the Day.

“Nobody’s gonna push me off track,” sings Alex on the new single ‘Gretel’, it’s sung with a deep seriousness which highlights the earnest with which Alex is returning. Not just in the literal sense with a new song but in a more figurative way this track marks the return of the artist to his chosen medium. Moving away from the synthesizers and auto-tuned sounds of Rocket and back to the comfort of acoustic guitar, metallic piano and veracious vocals.

It’s a shift in style that is expertly highlighted in the intro to the song as the computerised babble of the opening moments soon fades away to the finger-picking glory of Alex’s guitar. It returns to end the song and create a circuit of wild creativity and solemn soulfulness which permeates his work.

A swirling and encapsulating sound, if Alex continues to work like this the new album House of Sugar will be some of his greatest work yet. Listen to ‘Gretel’ below.