Listen to the new Dirty Projectors album in full


Dirty Projectors have released their new self-titled album, Dirty Projectors, three days early.

“Been 4 years, 7 months & 11 days— long enough! 3 days early, preorders are in the mail & the album in stores. Dirty Projectors is out today,” David Longstreth said in a tweet.

Now available on Spotify and Apple Music, Dirty Beaches also decided to stream the vinyl record live from their Facebook page:

After the release of tracks ‘Keep Your Name’, ‘Little Bubble’ and ‘Up in Hudson’, Dirty Projectors caught fans off guard somewhat with the early release of the record and comes as their eight full length LP since their debut The Glad Fact in 2003.

Dirty Projectors Tracklist:
01. Keep Your Name
02. Death Spiral
03. Up in Hudson
04. Work Together
05. Little Bubble
06. Winner Take Nothing
07. Ascent Through Clouds
08. Cool Your Heart
09. I See You