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Listen to Prince's magnetic isolated vocals for 'Let's Go Crazy'

Prince’s seminal album Purple Rain is a defining moment in his career and pop music at large. It’s a shudderingly brilliant piece of pop music revelry that sees the singer enact his purple vision on his audience. An LP that is brimming with bombastic anthems is open dup by one of Prince’s finest songs, ‘Let’s Go Crazy’.

It’s exactly how you should how you start an album. Begin with a faux-sermon and end with the kind of pumping party tune that has made Prince a permanent fixture on every DJ’s playlist. When it was released as a track it shot to number one and became Prince’s second chart-topper in the US.

As with much of this record, the song plays on the duality of sex and religion, perhaps in the most obvious of ways, and because of it, the track has a hazy edge that feels too tempting to not peer over. It can guarantee feet on the dancefloor, the kind of face-to-face singing that is usually reserved for 1980s music videos, it’s a song that pulsates with Prince’s vivacious attitude.

The opening song of the album it’s guaranteed to get you excited as soon as the bouncing beat kicks in and Prince begins to let his hair down. The track chugs through the wall and begins a non-stop party train. Stay for the engrossing guitar solo at the end or be ready to be disappointed. However, stripping back all those weird and wonderful instrumentation does provide a brand new view of the song.

Prince is famed for his insatiable vision but what is often overlooked is his vocal performances. Across the year’s he has defined his work with understated but universally brilliant singing takes and ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ is no different. The song is pushed into the stratosphere by Prince’s voice.

With the isolated vocal track for Prince’s ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ we get to hear the excited exaltations of Prince as he slowly builds up the tempo before the song dissipates into the air like the flash of brilliance it is. But its Prince’s performance on the microphone that really seals the deal for this party-starter.

Listen below to Prince’s isolated vocal for his Purple Rain song ‘Let’s Go Crazy’.