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Listen to Pale Waves' pop-tastic 'The Tide'


Pale Waves started out their life as a small group looking to add a pop flare to the otherwise intellectually snobbish shoegaze genre. They have since grown to become one of the bands most magazines are tipping for 2018 domination. New track ‘The Tide’ suggests that may well be true.

The band have however completely ditched any notion of staying with shoegaze on this new track as they ramp up the pop to create the kind of sound Taylor Swift’s mood swings listen to.

It’s actually incredible that the band haven’t been likened to the mega-star before, their songs are stacked full of hooks and with the kind of simplistic lyricism that offers “Lose me like the ocean, feel the motion” and “You look so cool, standing there / With your baggy jeans and silky hair” as choice lines, Pale Waves feel destined for the same Radio 1 greatness.

The band have their new EP out on March 16th, All The Things I Never Said will be out via Dirty Hit Records.

Take a listen to ‘The Tide’ below and try not to get sea-sick.