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Listen to MGMT's new track 'Hand It Over'

It’s been a long time since MGMT’s brilliant album Oracular Spectacular, which not only launched a whole heap of copycats trying to create their own shamanic circle, but also launched their career.

What made it difficult was the career they launched was very strict in its boundaries. The band have been trying to break through their own sucess ever since. Now with the new album Little Dark Age on the way next month (according to The New Yorker), this latest track, ‘Hand It Over’, shows their is light at the end of the kaleidoscopic tunnel.

The new song is still a bright and shining symbol of freedom, which in our opinion every MGMT track should be, but it also hints at a degree of maturity and self-awareness. The release follows ‘When You Die’ and the album’s title track and is conscious of its environment both musically and socially.

Offering a psyche-tinged, lo-fi sound alongside a hand of escapism, out reached, and ready to take you away; it’s a beauty of a track and bound to make the album bubble a little louder.