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Listen to Devendra Banhart sing in Japanese on new vinyl single


Devendra Banhart has teamed up with Shintaro Sakamoto with a scheduled performance at Week-End Fest in Cologne, Germany at the end of the month.

To coincide with the planned show, the duo have announced a new split 7″ single which featuring Sakamoto’s track ‘Another Planet’ from his album Love If Possible. Sakamoto, who is famed for his work Yura Yura Teikoku, a three-piece band from the depths of Tokyo’s underground music scene went solo in 2010 when the band split after 21 years together due to ‘a loss of excitement’.

The new vinyl release features two versions of Banhart’s cover of the Sakamoto’s song which sees Banhart sing in Japanese on the covers.

Listen to a preview of the song below and find the pre-order for the single here.