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Credit: Lera Pentelute


Listen to Boygenius' early demos as part of the Bandcamp benefit day


Boygenius, the supergroup comprised of Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker, has released three of their earliest demos for the 2018 debut EP via Bandcamp.

The music world has agreed on one thing over the last few weeks, Bandcamp is the streaming platform we can all get behind. Now as part of its pledge to give 100% of proceeds for one day every month, in a bid to help out struggling musicians.

Boygenius have shared the three early demo tracks, most of which were caught on “voice memo” and recorded during rehearsal on June 5th 2018, just a day before the group would enter the recording studio and lay down their debut EP.

The record flew off the shelves and was widely acclaimed as one of the best of the year. The new recordings add a little more of a raw edge to some of its standout songs like ‘Bite the Hand,’ ‘Me & My Dog’ and ‘Stay Down’.

The songs are available to purchase from Bandcamp for a seriously low fee and is a joy for any fan. The songs will also be released on Bandcamp’s revenue waiver day, where they give 100% of proceeds to artists.

Naturally, boygenius will be splitting the revenue of their release between three different local charities. A win-win. Baker will donate her share to OUTMemphis, Bridgers will pass her share to Downtown Women’s Center and Dacus will donate to Mutual Aid Disaster Relief Richmond.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up the tracks below.