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Listen to Björk’s new song ‘Blissing Me’

Björk has released the second single from her new album, ‘Blissing Me’.

The new track follows follows ‘The Gate’, the first single from her new record Utopia and the second taste of the new LP, which is out on November 24th.

The new music comes as the first since the release of 2015’s Vulnicura. The Icelandic icon has offered little in the sense of detailed information around the thought process of the new record, except that it will be released in November and has been described as her “Tinder record” with the inclusion of songs about love.

Listen to Björk’s ‘Blissing Me’, here…

…and see the full tracklist for Utopia, here:


1 ‘Arisen My Senses’
2 ‘Blissing Me’
3 ‘The Gate’
4 ‘Utopia’
5 ‘Body Memory’
6 ‘Features Creatures’
7 ‘Courtship’
8 ‘Loss’
9 ‘Sue Me’
10 ‘Tabula Rasa’
11 ‘Claimstaker’
12 ‘Paradisa’
13 ‘Saint’
14 ‘Future Forever’