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(Credit: Danny Clinch)


Stream 'Gigaton', Pearl Jam's first album in seven years

Today marks the release of Pearl Jam’s first full-length album in seven years as Gigaton is shared into the world and arrives as the band’s first LP since 2013’s Lightning Bolt.

Pearl Jam, ramping up excitement around the record, have been previewing the release over the last week and revealed a phone number they are calling the ‘Gigaton Hotline’ which allows fans to connect and listen to previews of their latest effort.

When fans called the Gigaton Hotline they had the choice of either listening to the previously mentioned previews, 30-second snippets of all 12 songs or leaving the band a message. Now, however, fans can finally listen to the record in full.

Unfortunately, the stadium rockers have been forced into postponing their Gigaton tour which was meant to have begun in Toronto last year and the new rescheduled dates are still set to be announced.

Pearl Jam are still set to play a sold-out show at London’s Hyde Park on July 10th where they are set to be joined by Pixies but it now looks unlikely whether the date will go ahead due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Stream Gigaton in full below.

Gigaton Tracklist:

  1. Who Ever Said
  2. Superblood Wolfmoon
  3. Dance of the Clairvoyants
  4. Quick Escape
  5. Alright
  6. Seven O’Clock
  7. Never Destination
  8. Take the Long Way
  9. Buckle Up
  10. Comes Then Goes
  11. Retrograde
  12. River Cross