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Listen: Courtney Barnett covers Elyse Weinberg for her Spotify Single Session

Courtney Barnett got together with the brilliant Spotify project, ‘Spotify Singles Sessions’, to deliver another brilliant cover. But instead of taking on a mega-hit as many have done before her, Barnett went for something a bit off the beaten track with Elyse Weinberg’s ‘Houses’.

The Spotify project, ‘Spotify Singles Sessions’, has been delivering some classic performances of late. The premise is simple: two tracks, one acoustic track, and one cover. The results have been far more brilliant than we might have imagined though.

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Courtney Barnett, however, did things a little differently. Not only did she provide the acoustic performance of her wonderful song ‘Charity’ but she also took on the little know beauty from Elyse Weinberg ‘Houses’.

Barnett had this to say about the cover “I first heard of Elyse Weinberg while on tour with a night off. My friend Janet Weiss (of Sleater-Kinney and many other bands) invited me to her house for a home-cooked meal. Late in the evening, Janet pulled out a record titled Elyse. The artwork reminded me of Joni Mitchell’s Ladies of the Canyon.”

“I fell in love with this mysterious artist and in particular her song “Houses.” Rumour has it that Neil Young is playing the lead guitar line. I flipped the record over but couldn’t find his name in the credits. Elyse Weinberg once said of her life in music that “the plan is to remember who i really am.” I liked that.”

Take a listen below.