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(Credit: Capitol Records)


Revisiting a rare Linda and Paul McCartney interview after the first-ever Wings European tour date


On 9th July 1972, Wings set sail on their first-ever European tour which saw Linda and Paul McCartney play venues on a much smaller scale than the size that McCartney had grown accustomed to playing over the previous decade with this rare interview from the very first day of that tour in rural France providing a fascinating insight into his mind at that time.

Wings had performed their first-ever run of dates in the United Kingdom a few months prior, an occasion which saw them play exclusively in student unions across the land, starting in Nottingham before visiting the likes of York, Hull, Lancaster, Salford and Swansea before finishing in Oxford which saw the McCartney’s go off the beaten track somewhat.

The location for the start of their European adventure was even more left-field with the jaunt beginning in the little French town of Ollioules which as of 2017 had a population of just 13,000—which is a fraction of the people who attended The Beatles famous Shea Stadium show.

Straight after their performance, the power couple took part in an interview in which Paul revealed exactly why he picked Ollioules’ Centre Culturel de Châteauvallon to start the tour: “We wanted to start in quite a smallish place to play in you see, so this is quite a small out of the way place, but still get quite a reasonable audience.”

With the tour show being there first time on the stage in months, Linda revealed that it took her a while into the set to deal with her pre-match nerves, saying: “In the second half, I had a great time! I was nervous the first half, definitely. We had no soundcheck, no rehearsal, no nothing, we had to go on cold you know? So I had to warm up a bit but we were very hot in the second half.”

Linda was then asked how she finds working with Paul with them being a married couple, to which she says: “I find it very easy, totally you know. It’s fun, it’s like life you know. It’s just another thing in life.”

Macca, speaking about why he is taken the decision to play much smaller venues then he could realistically play if he wanted to, replied: “It’s a very new band y’know, and if you go and play Britain or America with a very new band, you’re really on the spot, you’ve gotta be red hot and it takes time for a band to get red hot. It’s a question of almost living together for a while and bouncing off each other, this is what we’re learning.”

The former Beatle also gave a story behind their track ‘Seaside Woman’ which was written by Linda to prove a point to media mogul Lew Grade who famously had a legal dispute with The Beatles over the ownership of their songs and had now slammed Linda’s songwriting ability. Paul said: “That was actually to prove a point to Sir Lew Grade when we were having fractious times with him cause he was saying she couldn’t write.”

Paul then was asked if he had feelings for his old Beatles days to which he responded in a rather vague manner: “Of course, I have feelings for my school days, I like many things like school and The Beatles days, I dug it but it doesn’t bother me it’s over. You’ve got to move on in life, you’ve got to keep rolling on.”

Another engrossing moment came when Paul spoke about the media backlash to his solo project, which he poignantly said: “It didn’t turn that much, I’m still alive and kicking. You can’t go through all your life and everything be rosy all the times, you’ve got to have your ups and downs, that was one of the downs but I don’t intend to stay down.”

Listen to the remarkable full interview below which captures the couple in a reflective and honest mood which you wouldn’t tend to see during a television appearance.