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(Credit: Limón Limón)


Limón Limón share new song 'Attention'


Los Angeles-based pop-rockers Limón Limón have released their latest single, the bouncy and infectiously catchy ‘Attention’.

Apparently, Limón Limón are attempting to become the first artists to reach a million streams without any kind of label backing or support, major or otherwise. While I could not verify that this hasn’t already happened, it seems incredibly strange to me that this hasn’t already occurred, especially considering how Spotify and other streaming platforms have become the de rigueur way to listen to music in the modern age. If it is true, ‘Attention’ could position the duo as forerunners for a new wave of catchy rock-adjacent acts. Either way, Limón Limón are one of the few acts that can credibly claim the use of the word “indie”, especially in a time where that word has lost much of its meaning.

Propulsive, eminently danceable, and with a glossy production polish, ‘Attention’ has lyrics that actually point to a wistful portrait of the past. “I remember a time, remember a time, remember a time/When I was all alone staring at my ceiling/So many nights, so many nights, so many nights/I was on patrol searching for some meaning”. Flashing back to the present day, the duo marvel at how one’s sense of balance can be affected by a single person’s love and affection. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a sad song disguised with a happy beat, but rather a somewhat melancholic comparison of the past and present.

The band only has a single EP to their name so far, 2019’s Believing in Yesterday, but they have an impressive stream of singles in a relatively short amount of time, giving the impression that the duo are a prolific recording project. With any luck, soon we’ll be able to listen to a full length LP of tracks, but until then, we’ll just have to deal with the slow (or not so slow) trickle of singles from the group.

Listen to ‘Attention’ down, below.