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Lily James criticised for "vile" Pam Anderson role by Courtney Love: "Shame on you"

Hole frontwoman Courtney Love has criticised the forthcoming new Hulu Pam And Tommy TV series, describing it as “vile” and “fucking outrageous”.

The new series will focus on Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s marriage and, specifically, the now-infamous leak of their sex tape.

Lily James plays the former Baywatch actress and Sebastian Stan co-stars as the Mötley Crüe drummer. Starring alongside them is Seth Rogen as Rand, the man who stole the sex tape. In images recently released by Hulu, fans have seen the first look at all three actors in character.

The all-star cast does not stop there. It includes Nick Offerman as porn impresario Uncle Miltie, Taylor Schilling as Rand’s wife, and Andre Dice Clay as a mobster. Rogen is set to produce the series alongside his longtime collaborator Evan Goldberg. Furthermore, Craig Gillespie of I, Tonya is set to direct.

The eight-episode limited series follows the celebrity couples relationship from their 1995 marriage just four days after they met each other, to the birthday of their sons, the filming on their honeymoon sex tape and subsequent legal battles ensuing from its internet leak.

Anderson and Lee aren’t involved in the show’s development but are aware of it. The plans have not been welcomed by many, including Anderon’s close friend Courtney Love who has slammed the production, stating: “The lone women in many recording studios in LA where all / ALL! The staff engineers / producers / owners / were watching the sex tape with huge schadenfreude,” she wrote in a post on Facebook. “Guffaws, it was disgusting. I banned anyone discussing it,” she added.

“It destroyed my friend Pamela’s life,” she added. “Utterly… Gentlemen don’t approve this sort of thing. My heart goes out to Pammy. Further causing her complex trauma. And shame on Lily James whoever the fuck she is.” 

Love also described the show as “fucking outrageous” before explaining how she was approached by the production team to use one of her Rolling Stone covers in the show. It goes without saying that she rejected the idea.