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(Credit: LIFE)


Life get woozy with new track ‘Duck Egg Blue’

Life - 'Duck Egg Blue'

At first glance, you’d imagine that ‘Duck Egg Blue’ is a title reflective of the pastoral tone of the song, but for their new single, Life offer up an essay on existence inside of an egg itself. The eggshell notion might form a lyrical analogy throughout with riffing wordplay on being shattered and the proverbial nervous treading, but it’s the suspended life in gooey minutia that seems most applicable when it comes to the track. 

Calming, muted and hushed, they’d do well to ever be able to perform this live in a non-zero-gravity environment but embalmed in the trappings of a studio, the song takes on a spiritual sense of nostalgia. Singing of love in such a withdrawn and introspective way weirdly feels like a waltz through a relationship back to the sanguine beginnings of bike rides and dirty fingernails in the revelry of youth.

However, this dreaminess is tempered by the unreasoned anguish that Mez Green whispers throughout. Speaking about the track, he says: “‘Duck Egg Blue’ is a realist’s love song. The journey of trying to navigate through each other’s feelings and emotions, the strains of close quarters trapped in a tiny flat, the minutiae of everyday life.”

Despite how that might sound on the surface, once more the post-storm calm of the song is reflective of the bond that rises above any pettiness. “The overarching sentiment is that no matter what happens, after all that is said and done, we love each other, and we are there for each other,” Green explains.

Filled with little flourishes that break the malaise of the track’s somnambulant flow, every aspect seems carefully considered to fit the self-contained concept of this woozy slalom. The Hull band have certainly encapsulated the tribulations of a lockdown relationship with this reflectively pillow-propped ditty that proves bliss doesn’t have to be ignorant because, in truth, it coexists with blips. 

The track is taken from their forthcoming album North East Coastal Town which is set for release on August 19th. You can check out the single below. 

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