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LIFE get ferocious with ‘Popular Music’


The Hull punk band LIFE have given us a nice and frantic punk effort in the form of ‘Popular Music’. A perfect reposte to the Monday blues this track thunders as quickly as Thor listening to speed metal. The video is an added art-flecked speed demon.

The video follows the punk archetype of scrapbook images and gurgling rhythm, matched entirely in the sound of this effort. Full of a high speed vocal which breeds incessant head shaking, the track bounds across the speakers with abandon.

“‘Popular Music’ is a thunder-bug of visceral energy that’ll nuzzle its way under your skinwe made this cut-paste stop-motion video in our living room. Maybe it reflects the overexposure of celebrity culture and the endless stream of baffling bullshit that seeps into your bones. Maybe it’s just another stream of noise to stare at whilst you lay a turd.” Says guitarist Mick.

On that note, please feel free to watch the video both on or off the toilet.