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The life-changing advice Tom Jones gave to Metallica's James Hetfield


Tom Jones and Metallica frontman James Hetfield seemingly don’t share much in common, apart from their shared craft. Although the Welshman is in his 80s, his voice still sounds formidable, and he shared with Hetfield the secret to his longevity.

The trade secret was supposed to stay confidential between the pair. However, the Metallica leader couldn’t keep it to himself and passed it on to the younger generation like Jones did with him. If Hetfield wants to continue performing until he’s the same age as the Welsh crooner, he needs to follow the blueprint he’s been given. It’s worked so well that he wants to share it with anybody who listens.

One person who has benefitted from the knowledge Jones passed to the Metallica frontman is Frank Carter. Over the summer, his band Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes have been playing numerous festivals that the metal legends have headlined. As a result, they’ve managed to strike up a relationship with Hetfield taking Carter under his wing.

“We keep bumping into him, and he’s a good lad,” Carter told NME. “He’s the king of rock’ n’ roll, he’s proper. I watched [Metallica] the other day. I was side of stage watching him from his little guitar world – well, massive guitar world – and it was so fucking sick. I’ve been trying to downplay it, but it was one of the best moments of my entire life. I fucking love Metallica. I’m stood there, watching him play, he comes over to change his guitar and he gives me a high five and goes, ‘Wait, I’ve got something for you!'”

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Carter was clueless about what to expect from Hetfield and didn’t suspect it would be such a wholesome gift. The former Gallows frontman continued: “He goes and gets this handful of stuff and then drops in my hand some plectrums and these little Vocalzone pills. They’re these little throat sweets, and he goes, ‘These are going to save your life and save your throat.’ This is in the middle of his fucking set, and he’s literally giving out sweets!”

After passing on the nugget of wisdom, Hetfield then revealed it was Jones who put him onto Vocalzone, and Carter was honoured to have received advice from the legendary singer, even though it was second-hand.

Carter concluded: “He goes, ‘Do you know who put me on to these?’ I’m sitting there thinking, ‘Man, some fucking rock’ n’ roll legend’. Then he goes, ‘Tom fuckin’ Jones’, he puts his guitar back on, and he goes back to the stage. I’m just stood there like, ‘Wow, that is fucking sick’.”

If you want to know if the Vocalzone pills work, watch the video below of Jones performing Bob Dylan’s ‘One More Cup Of Coffee’ at London’s O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire.