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(Credit: Clemens Habicht / Press)


Liars release new video for 'From What the Never Was'


American indie-rock experimentalists Liars have released a brand new video for the song ‘From What the Never Was’.

The track is the latest preview of the band’s upcoming tenth studio album The Apple Drop. Liars long ago became Angus Andrew vs. The World, a one-man scorched earth campaign against anything and everything that could possibly be considered sacred or catchy or pretty. There’s beauty in Liars’ music, for sure, but it’s buried beneath layers of darkness and shit. ‘From What the Never Was’ is no different.

“‘From What the Never Was’ is intended as a moment of recollection within the journey of The Apple Drop; a point that our traveller has reached which is far from the starting place, but also right back there in memory,” the band said. “The drum sound was appropriated from an old song called ‘We Fenced Other Gardens with the Bones of Our Own’. In that track, the protagonist is drunk on delusions of grandeur, relishing the power of destruction. Now far removed, that character is weary, remorseful.”

If it wasn’t already clear, The Apple Drop is quite a bit conceptual, not unlike the two previous Liars LP’s TFCF and Titles with the Word Fountain. The accompanying video, the third in a row directed by Clemens Habicht, references classic sci-fi and horror films to get across that disconcerting atmosphere present in the song.

“Angus and his crew are subjected to the traumas and melodramas of classic sci-fi tropes, brutalised by the sadism of scenes from films I think I was probably way too young to have seen as a kid,” Habicht explains. “Only Liars would entertain and embrace my trepanning fantasies. Like any mission, this was only possible by the absolute commitment of everyone involved. Special thanks to DOP Tyson Perkins for signing up for another adventure, and to Beau and her team for their absolute generosity and excitement.”

Check out the video for ‘From What the Never Was’ down below. The Apple Drop will be released on August 6.