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(Credit: Warner Music)


Liam Gallagher reveals two new albums are in the works


Liam Gallagher has tantalised fans by announcing that he has not one but two brand-new albums “on the go.” 

Chatting with Absolute Radio’s Dave Berry earlier this morning (20th of August), Gallagher announced: “Well, I’ve kind of got two new albums on the go.”

Adding: “I’ve got like one that’s a bit mad and one that’s a bit more like kind of whatever normal is, a bit more classic. So, we’re just going to wait and see which one we should put out, you know what I mean?”

Lockdown was not fun for anyone, but the image of Liam Gallagher cooped up inside is one that scathes the imagination, and it has indeed left him chomping at the bit. As he comically concluded: “But I’ve been busy, man, so I can’t wait. Just got to get these gigs out of the way and next year gonna proper own it!

The former Oasis star comes off the back of a show in honour of NHS workers at the O2 Arena on Tuesday, with a headline slot at Reading & Leeds awaiting him this weekend.

As of yet, no dates have been announced for the release of either album, but with Liam looking fidgety he’ll no doubt be hurrying producers and record labels along.