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(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)


Liam Gallagher takes aim at Jeff Buckley and Coldplay

Liam Gallagher continues to be the laddest of them all, with barbs for everyone who crosses him, his twitter is now a serious weapon. The latest to be chopped down to size is the late singer Jeff Buckley as well as Coldplay. But, fair enough on Coldplay.

Apparently Gallagher didn’t see much quality in the former’s enigmatic and now infamous album Grace, tweeting “Listening to this grace by Jeff Buckley ha ha pissing myself we are casuals LG”. Then going on to say the album sounded like a “cat being strangled”.

He then went on to fire shots at Coldplay, just one year after joining them on the Manchester stage to cover ‘Live Forever’ in support of the One Manchester gig.

The tweets came after a rousing performance at the Isle of Wight Festival on Saturday night. Rumour has it that the former Oasis lead singer rescheduled his slot from the illustrious Sunday night slot (closing out the festival) to Saturday so he could watch the football.

LG =Lad