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(Credit: Press)


Liam Gallagher reveals he "fell out the helicopter" after Isle of Wight festival set


Liam Gallagher has taken to Twitter to share the injuries he sustained after he “fell out the helicopter” following his Isle of Wight festival set. The former Oasis man showed off his battle scars and claimed a victory for rock and roll.

The festival set was a naturally swaggering show from the singer who not only belted out some of his solo songs, which even his brother admits are growing in acclaim but some of Oasis’ heaving back catalogue too.

After the set, Gallagher headed towards his helicopter and set sights on his next destination only to apparently fall out of the whirlybird. Whether or not the aircraft was actually in the air remains to be seen.

Gallagher shared via Twitter with an image that showed some seemingly minor facial injuries: “So check this out I fell out the helicopter last night you couldn’t [write] it.”

The ‘Supersonic’ singer confirmed that the injuries were only cosmetic and that he was ” all good, later adding: “Who said [Rock n Roll] is dead. Keith Moon eat your drum skin out. C’mon you know.”

After a Twitter user suggested that Gallagher had “missed the side step after it had landed,” and that it wasn’t very rock and roll to be clumsy, Gallagher offered up his version of events: “100 thousand feet you bumbaclart.”

We’re hoping CCTV footage soon makes it into Gallagher’s next video.