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Liam Gallagher's favourite song by The Beatles


Liam Gallagher has never concealed his infatuation with all things related to The Beatles, and, with that notion, he even named his son Lennon in tribute to his hero. His favourite song by The Fab Four is proof that the former Oasis frontman is no fairweather fan and a true Beatlemaniac.

The Beatles helped clear the path that allowed Oasis to exist. Their influence is relative to how Chuck Berry carved out a sound that The Fab Four themselves exported to dizzy new heights in their role as international rock ‘n’ roll evangelists. Taking influence is a vital part of music that every artist is guilty of doing.

Famously, the Gallagher brothers failed to get the seal of approval from their idols, but that didn’t dissipate Liam’s love for the band. George Harrison took a nasty swipe at Oasis in 1996 when he said that their “music lacks depth and the singer Liam is a pain, the rest of the band don’t need him.” 

Likewise, Paul McCartney shared a similar perspective to his old bandmate, but he’s become friendly with Liam as the years have gone on. However, the last time they saw each other, a hilarious confusion occurred between the pair. “I’ve met him a few times he’s been absolutely a dream,” Gallagher told NME in 2017. “The last time was at the Royal Albert Hall. He goes, ‘Why are you always in a rush? Sit down, sit down’. I sit down and he goes, ‘Do you like margaritas?’ I said, ‘Yeah, but I had something before I come out, I don’t eat at this time of night’. He said, ‘They’re fuckin’ drinks, you stupid prick’. I thought he was offering me a pizza.”

If you look at Liam’s hyperactive Twitter account, you’ll regularly find him sharing YouTube links of songs by The Beatles, and they’ve been a constant in his life for as long as he can remember. After sharing a link on one occasion, Gallagher responded to a fan who asked about his favourite Beatles song.

Gallagher did expertly caveat his answer by saying there’s “no such thing” before adding, “But as you asked ‘It Won’t Be Long’.”

John Lennon discussed the aforementioned song, which appeared on The Beatles’ second album, in his final-ever interview before his death. Lennon spoke about how it widened the band’s audience and got the middle classes on the board with what they were doing. “It was only after a critic for the [London] Times said we put ‘Aeolian cadences’ in ‘It Won’t Be Long’ that the middle classes started listening to us,” he told Playboy. “To this day, I have no idea what ‘Aeolian cadences’ are. They sound like exotic birds.”

Gallagher’s favourite today is almost certainly a different song every morning. Like the former Oasis singer said himself, there’s “no such thing” as a favourite Beatles song. Their mercurial greatness is limitless, and they have around 100 songs that could feasibly all be crowned as the band’s best.

Choosing your favourite song by the group is akin to picking a favourite child, and it’s impossible to love one on a superior level to another. ‘It Won’t Be Long’ is a selection that only an ardent Beatles aficionado would pick. Say what you want about the mouthy Liam Gallagher, but his love for The Fab Four is as extensive as his collection of kagoules.