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Liam Gallagher denies assaulting his girlfriend as leaked footage emerges


Liam Gallagher has denied claims that he assaulted his girlfriend Debbie Gwyther as leaked footage emerges.

Claims made by the British tabloid press alleged that Gallagher “totally lost it” before lunging Gwyther. After an alleged physical incident, the former Oasis man stormed away before allegedly proclaiming: “She’s a f***ing witch”.

What ensued was a strict and flat denial of the incident. Gallagher took to social media to say “Firstly I have never put my hands on any woman in a vicious manner,” before adding: “Secondly there is only 1 witch and we all know who that is as you were LG.”

Gallagher’s denial was also echoed by his partner, Gwyther, who said: “Thanks for the kind words but you’ll be pleased to know it’s fake news.

“I can’t comment more than that as we are taking legal action,” she added.

In a second statement on Instagram, Gwyther, the alleged victim, continued: “The sun have surpassed themselves yet again. Shame on them and all who have asked for Liam’s comment rather than mine. Caring individuals of all I’m sure.

“Lazy, sexist nonsense… legal case impending.”

However, facing legal action from Gallagher, The Sun have followed up their allegations of assault by publishing leaked footage of the incident.

In the video, both Gallagher and Gwyther can be seen walking down the corridor of the Chiltern Firehouse hotel before words were exchanged. What ensued was Gallagher confronting his girlfriend.

Here’s the footage.