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(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)


Liam Gallagher compares Noel and his wife to Fred & Rose West on Twitter


Liam Gallagher has hit out at Noel Gallagher‘s wife on Twitter, claiming she is the reason their former band Oasis are no longer together and likened the couple to Fred and Rosemary West, who killed eight people.

LG started the tirade with “Think it’s time to address the witch. You want me to drop dead – you have a screw loose and know the world knows.”

He continued: “She’s the reason Oasis is no longer – have to put it out there, she’s DARK.”

The ‘Wall of Glass’ man shared a story from their Oasis days, he wrote: “We were about to go on tour to USA – she robbed Noel’s passport. Fucked with his head for a week – he came crying at my door, she’s proper dark.”

He then added: “Him and her are like Fred and Mary west wishing people get aids and drop dead”.

The “drop dead” comment is a reaction to an alleged comment by MacDonald, who, according to the Sun, made a comment on Instagram that she hoped Liam would “have dropped dead by the time my kids are on social media”.

She was apparently angered by comments Liam made in a recent interview, when he stated, about Noel and his daughter Anais, “I don’t give a fuck if his missus gets a bit of shit on Twitter, or his fucking kid – welcome to my fucking world.”

McDonald retaliated at Liam’s comments on an Instagram fansite, where she also allegedly wrote: “His fucking kid? You mean your gorgeous niece, you deplorable wanker.”

Last year, Noel had this to say about the messy situation: “My wife has shown me things that people have written about her and it’s disgraceful. My daughter has shown me things people have written about her in regards to Oasis. That’s disgraceful … It only heightens my resolve that I’ll never walk the stage with that band again.”

Liam Gallagher is set to headline TRNSMT Festival, Parklife Festival, Rize Festival as well as gigs at Lancashire Cricket Ground and Finsbury Park this summer.

Noel is set to embark on an arena tour with Baxter Dury in April before headlining Neighbourhood Weekender, Sheffield’s Tramlines Festival and play a series of outdoor gigs across Britain in the summer.