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(Credit: Warner Music)

Liam Gallagher premieres his new Adidas Spezial trainers and they're damn beautiful


We all know how strongly Liam Gallagher feels about his clobber. Whether it’s because of his early days in the branded haven of Britpop or his later venture Pretty Green clothing – it’s safe to say that the Oasis man knows his stuff. According to LG we should all be paying attention to the brand new Adidas Spezial trainers.

He would say that though, as this new edition is officially endorsed by the rock and roll star and even features his face on the tongue. As shown in the video released today of LG unboxing the brand new kicks, Liam is clearly a big fan of both the trainer and himself on the tongue.

“That is fucking smart innit though man,” says Gallagher. “Best looking motherfucker on the planet, best fucking looking trainer on the fucking planet.” The shoe is a simplistic ‘white on white on white’ motif, with a white base, three white stripes and an unusual white sole.

While we await Liam Gallagher’s second solo record, Why Me? Why Not? to drop on September 20th, you can get the Adidas Spezial trainers a little earlier. The shoes will arrive on August 30th and you can buy them right here.