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Credit: YouTube


Leonard Cohen fans fuming after Donald Trump’s speech is followed by ‘Hallelujah’ twice


Leonard Cohen fans are furious after hearing ‘Hallelujah’ twice after Donald Trump’s speech last night at the Republican National Convention at the White House.

Cohen fans were angry when they heard Tori Kelly’s cover version of the classic track by the late Canadian which was played between ‘She’s a Grand Old Flag’ and Lee Greenwood’s ‘God Bless the USA’ whilst fireworks lit up the sky, as well as pyrotechnics that spelt out ‘TRUMP’ and ‘2020’.

Tori Kelly received heavy criticism on social media for her recording of ‘Hallelujah’ being played during the ceremony but she has since revealed on twitter that she was unaware that it was to be played. “Seeing messages about my version of ‘Hallelujah’,” the singer tweeted. “All I know is neither myself nor my team received a request.”

“Very amusing and fitting the RNC ended with a rendition of Leonard Cohen’s song “Hallelujah”, a song about a failed relationship, dishonesty, disappointment, and loss… Nothing exemplifies Trump’s presidency more than those things. (LOL the MAGAs think it’s a religious song),” one social media user noted.

“Maybe Republicans & .@realDonaldTrump couldn’t find any AMERICAN music that they were allowed to use. Maybe they figure a dead Canadian Leonard Cohen won’t have his estate write a cease and desist letter re the song Hallelujah,” another mused.