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Lena Dunham opens up about beating drug addiction

American writer and filmmaker, Lena Dunham, is known for her acting roles in projects like Girls as well as her directorial work such as the 2010 comedy-drama Tiny Furniture. After a gap of about a decade, Dunham is returning to the director’s chair for a brand new feature called Sharp Stick which is supposed to come out sometime later this year.

In a recent interview, Dunham shed some light on her experiences during this hiatus and focused on her struggles with a heavy dependence and addiction to drugs. According to Dunham, the worst experience of her adult life was trying to kick the habit of taking Klonopin on a regular basis which ended up causing severely detrimental effects on her mind and body.

Dunham received a prescription for the benzodiazepine when she was just 12 years old but as time passed, her dependence on the drug kept increasing and turned her life into a “50-car pileup”. While pointing to what Klonopin had done to her, she referred to her appearance at the last premiere of the Girls where she was visibly burnt out.

“Those images of me at the last Girls premiere, skinny and hollow-eyed, that was 100 per cent my appetite and my body just shutting down in response to that,” Dunham said. “I’ve been through a lot of hard things in my adulthood. Getting off Klonopin was probably the hardest.” Other celebrities like Stevie Nicks have also famously advocated against Klonopin, claiming it was “worse than cocaine”.

In order to deal with her addiction to Klonopin, Dunham checked herself into a rehabilitation facility in 2018 at a time when there were other stressful events in her life bothering as well. Now, she is looking forward to the premiere of her latest film at the Sundance Film Festival and hoping to put it all behind her.