(Credit: Gage Skidmore)


Leigh Whannell to direct Ryan Gosling in new horror film 'Wolfman'


Leigh Whannell is in talks with Universal to direct a Wolfman remake starring Ryan Gosling in the lead.

Whannell, who previously directed the likes of Upgrade and science-fiction epic The Invisible Man, will also team up with his Blumhouse collaborators who will take on the producing duties.

The plans for Wolfman offer a change in working patterns for director Whannell who will remain on writing duties for the treatment but, unlikes his previous work, the filmmaker will hand over the screenplay writing job to Lauren Schuker Blum and Rebecca Angelo—two prolifically creative figures who earned acclaim for their work on Orange Is The New Black.

According to a report in Deadline, prominent figures at Universal have been working hard to get Whannell on board. It is believed that the director first rejected the opportunity after being approached by Gosling but was later convinced by Blumhouse boss Jason Blum asked him to reconsider.

While very few details of the film have yet to be released, sources told Hollywood Reporter that Gosling will play an anchorman who gets infected. The script, while still in development, was described as evoking a similar atmosphere to that of 1976 effort Network and Nightcrawler which was released in 2014.

Universal has been desperate to get Whannell on board following his unprecedented success with their past monster remake The Invisible Man, a film which was made on a $7 million budget but went on to gross an eye-watering figure of $124 million worldwide.

The story of Wolfman is said to follow in the legacy of 1941 effort The Wolf Man.