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Leif Eriksen Craft Something Beautiful

Leif Eriksen, apart from being believed to be the first Westerner to reach American shores (no, we didn’t know either), are a band with enough charm and hazy comfort to draw your nan to the other side just as we always hoped she would.

The quintet are dab hands at creating a soundscape so gentile and cathartic it feels like therapy for the ears and soul, ‘Never Get You Out Of My Mind’ is testament to that. The song resides around the idea that first love is almost never your last love and the acceptance of losing that part of your life. A difficult journey to begin, but Leif Eriksen make it feel comforting if not a little melancholic.

The track swells with heart and leaves the musicians among us still happy, a delicate balance between craftsmanship and emotive expression. Landing somewhere between Kurt Vile and Fleet Foxes the Londoners look like they could emulate their success, with each new song we can hear them grow a little more.