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Credit: Julio Zeppelin


The original artwork of Led Zeppelin's debut album is up for auction

The artwork for Led Zeppelin’s debut album will be auctioned off next month. The original piece is set to go for an estimated $20,000 to $30,000.

Few albums are as iconic as Led Zeppelin’s self-titled debut record from 1969. The original artwork, an image based from a famous photograph of the Hindenberg disaster, set pulses racing on its release.

The image was initially photographed by Sam Shere but it took the work of designer George Hardie to turn it into the legendary LP sleeve we know and love.

Hardie reportedly completed the artwork for £60 but left a note on his original tracing of the sleeve, completed during university at the Royal College of Art, that read: “George’s pension fund.”

The piece is set for auction as part of a sale that is set to take place between June 2nd and 18th at Christie’s in New York. It’s a piece of memorabilia one lucky Zeppelin fan will be thrilled to hang in their house.

Peter Klarnet, a senior specialist at Christie’s, told Rolling Stone: “In terms of rarity, this is a unique object — I don’t think you can get rarer than that.”

“The historical significance of this album cover cannot be understated,” Klarnet shared. “It marked a major turning point in the history of pop music, heralded by the debut of Led Zeppelin. It was louder, bolder than what had come before and would come to define the shape of hard rock for generations.”