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(Credit: Jim Summaria / Matt Gibbons)


Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page details the moment he first witnessed Eric Clapton perform live


There are certain figures of rock and roll who, with their unique natural talent and unrelenting desire, have cemented their legacy in the annals of music history. Led Zeppelin founder Jimmy Page and iconic Cream guitarist, Eric Clapton, are among that lucrative group of musicians.

Clapton, famed for his work both with Cream and The Yardbirds, has been affiliated with some of contemporary music’s most iconic creatives such as The Beatles, the Plastic Ono Band, BB King, J.J. Cale and countless others. His wonderfully close friendship with George Harrison is one that is echoed throughout rock music, Clapton forged friendships with both on and off the stage with prolific effect.

One of those relationships, one built on mutual respect for their craft, was with Led Zep co-founder Jimmy Page. With just one year separating them in age, both Page and Clapton have crossed paths on countless occasions as their musical desire saw them pioneer a new sound for decades.

Reflecting on his career to date, and reminiscing about those that have inspired him, Page remembered the exact moment that he was lucky enough to see Clapton perform live for the first time—a show which is ingrained on his memory. “On this day in 1965, I went to see John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers at the Pontiac Club in Putney, London,” Page said in a post on social media.

“It showcased Eric Clapton’s magnificent mastery of the blues guitar,” he added. “Eric came to stay at my home in Epsom that night as I had told him about the recordings and guitar sound I was getting from my Simon recorder.

“We played together and tracks surfaced on the ‘Blues Anytime’ series on Immediate Records. I went on to produce ‘I’m Your Witchdoctor’ and ‘Telephone Blues’ with Mayall and Clapton, as well as ‘Sitting on Top of the World’ and ‘Double Crossing Time’.

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