Leaked video shows R Kelly say it’s “too late” for the #MuteRKelly movement to stop him


A leaked video of R&B singer R Kelly appears to show the disgraced musician claiming that the #MuteRKelly will never succeed.

Kelly’s music was recently removed from playlists as part of a new public hate content and hateful conduct policy as fresh allegations claimed that the 51-year-old R&B singer “knowingly and intentionally infected” a 19-year-old woman with an STD. On top of that, Far Out Magazine recently reported the claims laid out R Kelly groomed a 14-year-old girl to be his “fucking pet” and ordered her to crawl around and perform oral sex on him and others on request. The latest allegations are just another in a string of claims made by ex-girlfriends and others close to the singer.

However, despite the #MuteRKelly movement attempting to bring him down, Kelly has now appeared to respond to that action in a leaked video claiming that the actions to stop him have come “too late”.

“I’m handcuffed by my destiny. It’s too late. They should’ve did this shit 30 years ago,” Kelly says in the video before adding “It’s too late. The music has been injected into the world.”

He then proposes a toast: “To all the strong motherfuckers in here right now. Motherfuckers like you is why I still continue to do what I do, because I have a basketball mentality. As long as I’ve got the ball, the world is on defense.”