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Lea Seydoux and Audrey Diwan team up on adaptation of erotic novel

Audrey Diwan has garnered a lot of attention lately due to the release of her latest film Happening which received widespread critical acclaim and accolades. According to the latest reports, Diwan is set to team up with none other than Lea Seydoux on a brand new project whose details are ambiguous at this point.

Diwan’s Happening has become an incredibly important piece of work in the current sociopolitical climate because of the recent news regarding the overturning of Roe v. Wade. The film, based on a true story, follows the pain and the suffering of a young woman who struggles to get an abortion in order to save herself.

“The question of abortion has not been resolved. As we’ve seen over the summer, it’s an issue that continues to create turbulence all over the world,” Diwan said while talking about the power of cinema. “Cinema has by vocation, the ability to put us into different bodies and the lives of different people.”

Elaborating on her artistic intentions and the fundamental cinematic experience of Happening, Diwan added: “I wanted to experiment with the idea of putting us into the body of this young woman, whatever our gender, to live this experience… I didn’t want to shock or present a theoretical emotion. I wanted us to feel.”

Titled Emmanuelle, the new project by Diwan is based on Emmanuelle Arsan’s novel and will feature Lea Seydoux in the title role. The screenplay was developed by Diwan and Rebecca Zlotowski, with the project focusing on the life of a woman and delves into the different erotic fantasies that occupy her mind.

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