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LCD Soundsystem’s Gavin Russom comes out as transgender


LCD Soundsystem’s 43-year-old synth player, Gavin Russom has come out as transgender.

“Over the last year and a half, I went from my trans identity being something I was in touch with and worked through in one way or another, to suddenly this shift where it’s on the front burner. Now it’s time to become a whole person,” Russom said in an interview with Pitchfork.

In a beautifully honest and opening conversation, she goes on to explain the transition and the awakening in the next period of life: “The major experience has been one of things falling into place, things that maybe seemed incongruous about my life. Suddenly, as I started to accept the reality, it started to make more sense—like, ‘Oh, OK, that’s what that was,” Russom added. “Oh, that’s how this period of my life connects to this other period.’ Maybe the most important kernel is realizing that being a transgender person is really a real thing. It’s not any of the things that I think people who don’t have this experience tend to frame it as.”

In separate conversation with Grindr, Russom said that from a young age she identified “along the feminine spectrum.”

‘I’m the happiest I’ve ever been,’ the 43-year-old musician told Grindr.

“This is my fifth decade being alive,” Russom added. “and in each of those decades, there’s been a time where I’ve tried to say, ‘Hey, I think I’m transgender!’ This was even before that word existed.”

“It gives me hope for the future,” Russom goes on, “to see the courage and creativity of a much younger generation of trans women.”

“My body rejected it in the same way that it now utterly rejects going into a men’s bathroom or when somebody calls me “sir”,” Russom said.