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Lazarus Kane share new visualiser for 'Williston, ND'


Bristol-based indie rockers Lazarus Kane have shared a brand new video for their single, ‘Williston, ND’.

Culled from their recent EP Psychobabble, ‘Williston, ND’ is named after the sixth-largest city in North Dakota (just shy of 30,000 citizens) that experienced a sharp population increase thanks to the discovery of oil and the subsequent major increase of fracking in the area. Hence the line, “Underneath your stars, there’s a boom going on.” The track isn’t explicitly political, instead, chronicling the major influx of people and industry in a more oblique fashion.

“I wrote this track after reading about this town in the USA,” singer Ben Jakes explains. “It used to be a very small town but has become the centre of a huge oil boom. I don’t really know why it interested me so much, I think I was trying to capture the pictures of the fracking equipment at night lit by neon lights on these sprawling prairies. It reminded me of There Will Be Blood as well, but obviously in a modern setting.”

Lazarus Kane tread an interesting line between post-punk, dance, electronica, emo, and good old fashioned rock and roll. Sometimes they focus on just a single facet of their sound, and other times they synthesise all of their genre tags together, as they do on ‘Williston, ND’. They sound like a more harried and frenzied version of Inhaler, which hopefully comes off as the compliment I intended it to be.

Check out the video for ‘Williston, ND’ down below. Psychobabble is available now.