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(Credit: Warner Bros.)


Laurence Fishburne doesn't know why he is not involved in ‘Matrix 4’


The possibilities for the highly anticipated fourth instalment in The Matrix franchise are near-enough endless, particularly considering the conclusion of the final film, which ended with the balance being restored to the steampunk kingdom and the war between machines and humans ending. Though, the biggest surprise in store for The Matrix 4 is the fact that Laurence Fishburne’s Morpheus isn’t in the film, despite him being a central character in the original trilogy. 

Fishburne revealed that he keeps being asked about details for the upcoming fourth film, despite the fact that he’s not part of the cast at all. When probed about why he’s not in the latest instalment of the film, Fishburne stated that, “I am not in the next Matrix movie, and you’d have to ask Lana Wachowski why, because I don’t have an answer for that”.

Reminiscing on the role, the actor further noted that, “It is probably the role that I’ll be best remembered for, which is great; it’s not the only thing I’ll be remembered for, which is better”. Elaborating on what made Morpheus such a memorable character he excitedly described, “What I get with him is I’ve got Darth Vader in this hand, and I’ve got Obi-Wan in that hand. I’ve got Bruce Lee, I’ve got Muhammad Ali shuffled in there, and I’ve got kung fu”.

The news from Fishburne follows details of the casting of Christina Ricci, alongside the revelation that Salma Hayek missed out on the original role of Trinity because she was “too lazy”. 

Due to be released on 22nd December 2021, Laurence Fishburne wishes the production of The Matrix 4 well, commenting: “Maybe that will make me write another play. I wish them well. I hope it’s great”. Whether or not he’s in the film, it appears that Fishburne is a great fan of Lana Wachowski and all that she did to elevate his profile.