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Lauren Auder shares new song 'June 14th'


Lauren Auder, the London-based experimental pop singer-songwriter, has released their latest single ‘June 14th’.

The track, which follows the release of Auder’s debut EP Who Carry’s You, which was released in 2018, and sees the musician continually develop a character that is seemingly in transition on both a personal and creative level.

“When you start to do what you really love, it ends up being a constant thing, there is no defining work,” Auder previously said. “I’ll just keep making more and more music, working towards more and more shows and try and stay as productive as humanly possible. That’s how it’s going to go.”

Auder wasn’t wrong. The tremendous work ethic and unrelenting drive to create has resulted in a complete package. “It’s about a first sexual relationship between two characters,” Auder told Vogue in a new interview of the latest material.

Adding: “The beginning has this classic motif of turning from one side to another, and then it becomes more of an internal monologue of one of the characters, and it progressively gets more hectic as the character’s mind-set does as well.”

Below, stream Far Out’s Track of the Day with visuals directed by Will Reid.

Lauren Auder Tour Dates: 

03/12 – Amsterdam, NL at De School
03/13 – Berlin, ED at Monarch
03/16 – Paris, FR at La Boule Noire
03/17 – Brussels, BE at Botanique
03/18 – London, UK at St. Pancreas