(Credit: Laura Marling)


Watch Laura Marling’s video for ‘Fortune’


Laura Marling has released a stripped back rendition of her song ‘Fortune’.

The track, which featured as part of Marling’s recently released seventh studio album Song for Our Daughter, marked a transitional moment in the career of one of Britain’s most sincere talents.

“I feel in comparison with other records that I’ve made this record has a kind of hopefulness to it, an upbeatness to it,” she previously told SPIN. “I’m obviously devastated not to be touring, and I’m so incredibly grateful that I had two weeks in Australia to get a little taste of it. I’ve released seven albums so far, so I’m slightly fortunate in that I’ve done it a few times and I don’t feel like a big song and dance needs to be made of it really.”

The new video, which features Marling playing the acoustic guitar while donning a dashing purple suit, arrives just moments after she was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize for the fourth time in her career. “Releasing the record as the world turned itself upside down felt quite disconcerting,” she said of the nomination. “It still feels odd now, but in what has been such an unusual year, this comes as a nice surprise. Am also very pleased to be joining the ‘four timers’ club.”

For now though, here’s the video.