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Last minute essential travel Christmas gifts 2018

Last minute shopping is typical at this time of year and, as you will know all too well by now, Amazon is the saviour of all last minute shoppers. Even harder so is buying for those nomads who need things that will enhance their travel experience.

Here at Far Out we have done the hard work for you and found six last minute gifts to make your travelling buddies Christmas perfect. Some items are good little stocking fillers whilst others will be seen as a thoughtful and insightive gift for the professional traveller.

A plane ticket is costly, and weekends are done to death. These gifts are guaranteed to put a smile on your friends face at affordable prices. 


Zhiyun Smooth Smartphone Gimbal

This ‘gimbal’ built for mobile phones is great for any traveller. It stabilises tracking shots and panoramas enabling you higher quality videos and pictures whilst travelling.

It also has a built-in charger, which is an added bonus as phone charges don’t tend to last too long when capturing images on treks or at the beach.

On sale for £99 and available here. 

Scratch map

Scratch maps are always a crowd-pleaser for avid travellers.

As well as allowing the recipient to reveal all their past visits, it can help them plan out the rest of their travels and act as an inspiration board for ticking off bucket lists of must-visit places. 

Featuring countries, cities, hill shading and state outlines on both scratch coating and mapping underneath, once it has been scratched off a colourful location is unveiled. 

On sale for £14.99 and available here. 

Leather Travel Journal

These days most travellers document their adventures through the use of their blog or social media account, but there is something nostalgic and great about keeping a journal of your travels.

Made of high-quality PU leather so it is durable for even the most extreme of traveller, this journal is also fitted with a refill option to it can last for life. An excellent gift for the creative types, it gives a great whimsical way.

On sale for £9.99 and available here.

Carry On Suitcase

Practical presents, such as luggage, can sometimes be seen as a little dull but these hard-sided suitcases are indestructible. This Aerolite Super Lightweight ABS carry on suitcase has been approved by all major airlines and is convenient for travelling with the use of wheels and easily fit in the overhead compartments.

Perfect for the ever popular city breaks and a great little extra gift to go along with all the other presents. Beats socks any day!

On sale for £38.99 and available here. 

Polaroid Instax Mini 9 Camera

Nostalgia is a big thing at the moment with vinyl making a huge comeback. These Polaroid cameras have instant credit card size photos, with close up lens attachments. You can get up to 30 shots per film, it is a great alternative way to photograph whilst on holiday.

The camera is also available in a magnitude of different colours, built in flash and automatic exposure control and, of course, that must needed built in selfie mirror. 

On sale for £60 and available here. 

Zoppen Multi-purpose travel wallet

This travel wallet with its minimalist design is great for storing cards, passports and all those important documents for travelling.

Not everybody is as organised as you, remember! If you want to make sure your loved ones stay safe while on their travels this stylish number should do the trick. Also available in a number of different colours. 

On sale now for £27 and available here.