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Last Heir - Gargantuan

So on yet another trawl of the South Coast’s most suspects corners we came across Brighton band Last Heir and their razor shaving, metal glimmering and flint sharp sound which lies somewhere between Garage, Metal and Punk – basically, a place where sugar spice and everything nice has been replaced by heavy fuzz, lo-fi kings and everything that goes bump in the night. It’s Last Heir and their track ‘Gargantuan’ our Unsigned Sunday selection.

Last Heir are starting to make people sit up and take notice as their style and sound evolves in to something formidable. After touring with Traams, Darlia and Girl Band among others they are starting to gain a following. Their likening to another Brighton band; The Wytches (although probably annoying for the band) has proved to allow the population a simple touchstone for Last Heir and let people connect with a band intent on tearing them a new hole for their brain to breathe.

The confidence in their own work is what shines through with Last Heir as we quickly spoke about the liberation of not having an ever-present lurking of a corporate suit they replied “It’s liberating as such, knowing where you’re at and where you’re going. Just need to be comfortable with the fact that any move taken for an independent artist is a slow and heavy burn. The suit provides certain fast tracks and shortcuts etc but nothing overtly more greater than knowing everything you do and achieve is truly done off your own back.” 

This attitude is what sets Last Heir apart – a willingness to speak out and trust in the work that they do as well as avoiding the work they don’t. I asked if there was one thing they could change about the industry? “Exploitation but the whole industry runs on it. From independent artists not getting paid (for just about anything) to the unpaid industry interns, someone is always getting screwed over”. So it seems Last Heir are fighting for our rights, and beyond the industry nuances that need to be fixed there is the large lack of real musicians in the nation’s collective conscious.

Last Heir are one of the bands to steer this ship back on course to the beautiful horizon of authentic, untampered, heartfelt musicianship.



Jack Whatley