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Credit: Alamy


Iconic TV host Larry King has died age 87

The famed TV host and iconic broadcaster, Larry King has died at age 87. King died away on Saturday morning at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. The news arrived via his official social media accounts.

King became a national treasure thanks to his unique interview style, having spoken to thousands of personalities throughout his 63-year career. He used “short, sharp and direct” questions to find out the nugget of truth under the people he spoke to.

The CNN stalwart took up the role of bruising questioner no matter his guest, whether US presidents foreign dignitaries or famed musicians and Hollywood stars, King handled them all with the same balanced authenticity.

King will be most fondly remembered as the host of CNN’s Larry King Live, the show that he hosted for 25 years. King left CNN in the early 2010s and began working with streaming giant Hulu on Larry King Now.

King’s work was recognised not only among his audience but he also was awarded significant commendations throughout his career. He also enjoyed a significant radio career too. In total, he conducted over 30,000 interviews in his career.

The host was admitted to hospital last month having contracted COVID-19.