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Moments on film: Exploring Lanzarote on analogue


Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands off the coast of West Africa administered by Spain, is arguably best known for its year-round warm weather, beaches and volcanic landscape.

Hannah Gabrielle More, a photographer whose work traverses through several sectors, from shooting imagery in the Sahara Desert to photographing a beautiful fashion collection in a studio, headed to North Lanzarote looking to explore the quieter side of life on the island and, on a personal level, reconnect with her love of analogue photography.

“No matter where or what I’m shooting, I’ll always take a purposeful approach to capturing moments that authentically tell the story of the place, product or person I’m shooting with,” More told Far Out Magazine. “For this project, I decided to shoot on 35mm film, as a way to ‘get back to basics’ with my photography and ensure I was being mindful about what I was shooting.

“When visiting a new place, I always spend a little time with the landscape, soaking up the atmosphere before taking photos, as I want to document the feeling of a place as much as I want to photograph the place itself, photographing on film heightened the importance of this method for me as you only have a limited amount of film to shoot on. I thought the barren landscape and earthy colour palette lent itself well to being shot on film.”

Lanzarote, through the year, has endured a busy life as a tourist attraction. Being the fourth-largest of the islands in the archipelago, the island emerged as an alternative to Tenerife and Gran Canaria as many holiday goers went in search of a different, more authentic taste of the area.

“All of these images were shot in the quieter North of Lanzarote, Canary Islands,” More explained. “It rained on and off during the day I went to explore the island; I visited Famara Beach, a surf haven northwest of the island, which was unusually quiet because of the weather, save for a few local surfers and I followed a dirt track that was situated about 30 minutes walk away from Arrieta, from which you could walk without seeing anyone for a good while and I hope I these images captured how quiet it felt on Lanzarote that day.”

You can see more work by photographer Hannah Gabrielle More by visiting her Instagram, here.