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(Credit: La Roux)


La Roux shares new single ‘Gullible Fool’


La Roux has released ‘Gullible Fool’, a track taken from her eagerly-anticipated third album Supervision.

It has been five years since Elly Jackson released her previous album, Trouble in Paradise, and her new record won’t arrive until February 2020.

Releasing Supervision through her own independent label Supercolour Records, Jackson confirmed that she had begun working on the third La Roux album in 2015 and is now reaching the final moment.s

“‘Gullible Fool’ is the most special and meaningful song on the record for me, because I feel like it encapsulates a cycle of a life, and that couldn’t have happened if I wasn’t in the process of writing something else,” Jackson said in a statement. “It describes the feeling of being overly trusting, and living under the assumption that you shouldn’t need to protect yourself if you are nice to people.”

Stream the video, below.