La Lenguas take on the Burger Records ethos of pure, simple music made for the audience as much as it is the artist. ‘9 to 5’ fits this bill like a new, perfectly tailored suit. The New Orleans band have unveiled a new video for the track taken from their EP Tears In My Milkshake and are quickly making a name for themselves in the surf/slacker rock scene.

Filled with hot summer days to humid and hazy to make a move the band strum across the working week with casual coolness and leaves us with ‘9 to 5’ a gentle rocking track full of comfortable tones and shimmering styles.

The concept of the video surrounds Oshay, a sign spinner, an odd profession in America, Stoudt lead singer of the band had this to say in his interview with “I’m really attracted to the sign-spinning profession — it’s hard work for barely any money, and the spinners suffer out in the hot sun all day,” Stoudt says. “Yet despite that, they seem to genuinely love their jobs. I was driving in Hollywood and saw Oshay spinning on the side of the street. I pulled over, pitched him the concept, and we were shooting in four days later on his day off.”

Take a look and chill.


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